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1 character background on Fri Nov 11, 2016 6:37 pm


Name: Johnathon Wilson

Age: 27

Gender: male
Childhood City: New York, New York

Job (Max of 2) (Alsoto be a cop you have to sign up and be recruited): drug dealer, trucker

Special: 420 blazing

Background story: a older 20s man who moved from new york to Los Santos, to find new oppurturunities. He quickly learned that in Los Santos there was many of jobs to take, and money to make. He got into trucking and smuggling drugs and is now one of the supreme drug dealers in all of Los Santos

Gamer tag: AJ GOT CLAMPS

Can choose 2 Or One Of Other
Big Winner:Start with $20,000 in your bank

License-Start with Gun,Pilot,or Vendors

Bang-Can start with default pistol with no attachments

Wheels-Start with free vehicle under 20,000

Business-Start with free 24/7 buisness

Or Choose One Of These Instead
Masters-Increase of 25% wage

420 Blazing-Sell drugs for 20% higher

Knowledge-Can grow/make drugs

Bang Bang-Start a gang for free in location of your choice with starter pistol

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